Stew and I grew up minutes away from each other in a small town in New Jersey. But it took the both of us ending up in Charleston, SC (me for college and him for a change of pace) to fall in love. He moved here with my brother (they had been friends for years) during my sophomore year of college. We became friends a few weeks before I moved to Spain for a summer. It was that trip that was the turning point for us. We spent two months just talking on the phone every day getting to know each other. Then, when I returned back to the states, we started dating. Three years later we tied the knot! Stew and I have been married for three years in June and are thrilled to bring a new addition to our family!

Among my baby blogging hobby, I am also passionate about food and cooking. I have another blog feastureyes where I focus on healthy and delicious foods! I love holidays, decorating, crafts, and all things fall (caramel apples, carving pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes & apple cider)! Stew and I have a fairy tale love that I’ve always dreamed about. We’re excited to experience the process of starting a family together and meet our little peanut! Thanks for being a part of this special time!

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